Farewell, Mr. Stickney

Edward Cary Stickney graduated from the Annapolis undergraduate program in 1975 and became a member of the St. John’s College Santa Fe faculty in 1980. His passion for the St. John’s program went hand-in-hand with his infinite curiosity, warm and welcoming character, beaming smile, and a laughter that could be heard across the campus.

When not his laughter or voice, the sound of his violin could lead one to him. He regularly played in the Tunes at Noon group, a collection of students and faculty who gathered to play folk music during the lunch break. As well, he frequently played his violin at other events for various reasons, such as his address to the Homecoming attendees for the 50th anniversary of the Graduate Institute: https://www.sjc.edu/news/celebrating-graduate-institute

Mr. Stickney was Director of the Graduate Institute from 1994-1997. These were the incipient years of the Eastern Classics program, of which he was a strong proponent, indeed, he was instrumental in its development.

For four decades, Mr. Stickney led Johnnies through thousands of conversations on the great texts of the world. His enthusiasm never wavered, even when cancer forced him into an early retirement in 2020.

The Graduate Institute was honored that he gave his final commencement address to us last August. You can watch this address here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltd7wiUf1TM&t=257s

Susan Olmsted, the Associate Director for the Graduate Institute, and alum, had this to say about her time with Mr. Stickney:

Years have passed since I had Mr. Stickney for two preceptorials in the Eastern Classics Program. After all this time I still remember the discussions we had in those classes, some vividly.  They were magical, the kind of class that gives you goosebumps as the discussion builds. A great tutor can take good students and elevate them, creating the space you need to have a group discussion whose whole is much stronger than the parts.

Mr. Stickney passed away on April 7th, 2021.

His obituary: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/santafenewmexican/obituary.aspx?n=edward-cary-stickney&pid=198303267

Mr. Stickney on Moby Dick, among other topics: https://www.sjc.edu/news/tutors-talk-books-cary-stickney-moby-dick-and-more

Mr. Stickney’s Dean’s Lecture from October 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0WihSoaAcA&t=74s

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