The Teachers Institute presented by the Annapolis and Santa FE Graduate Institutes

On April 10th, the Graduate Institutes of both campuses hosted the spring Teacher’s Institute. While the summer session for the Teacher’s Institute is a week of seminars on a variety of texts, the spring event was a single session on a single text: Meno by Plato. This text is standard reading for all students at St. John’s College. In particular, all Graduate Institute students read this short dialogue for their introductory class as a means of acclimating to our discussion classes and meeting their classmates. It’s an excellent starting text for new students (and, indeed, veteran students) because it addresses the nature of virtue, whether it can be learned, as well as what can be known, what is known, and how knowledge is acquired. It’s a perfect introduction to St. John’s College, an institution that emphasizes the process of learning over achievement-focused academics.

For those of you who are teachers, the summer sessions are full, but there will be more session in the fall. Keep your eyes open for our announcements.

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