Digital Dinner with the Graduate Institute

The St. John’s College Student Life Office in Santa Fe held an online dinner this past Friday, February 19th, for our Graduate Institute students. Students from both the Masters of Liberal Arts and Eastern Classics programs joined the staff of the Graduate Institute in a short, but pleasant evening to meet one another and stay in touch with their fellow graduate Johnnies. As with previous Graduate Institute online events, Ned Walpin, the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, led the conversation with a healthy dose of charisma, honesty, and curiosity. The topics of conversation ranged from the familiar, books read in class and influential classmates, all the way to professional sports enthusiasm and good movies.

As always, it was great to see everyone and chat with them in a casual atmosphere. We’re grateful to have a student body that has persevered through a tough year with such grace and good humor.

Special thanks to Malcolm Morgan from the College Events Office who planned and scheduled the evening, and who contributed $20 for the cost of food for student dinners.