Another Semester is Underway!

By Scott Hannan

On Sunday, January 17th, the St. John’s College Santa Fe campus welcomed new students during the spring 2021 convocation. As has become normal, the ceremony was held online, live streamed from the Peterson Student Center before the Girard mural. Responsibly distanced, Dean Walter Sterling announced the new undergraduates and Dean of the Graduate Institute welcomed the new graduate students for the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts program. Then St. John’s College President Mark Roosevelt, gave a welcoming speech. Mr. Roosevelt emphasized the college’s required curriculum and the opportunity for free thinking that comes from that curriculum. He described the challenge and great reward that comes from considering ideas that may make one uncomfortable and that require higher-order thinking as well as the ability to “really listen.” As is tradition, Mr. Roosevelt declared the college in session with “convocatum est.”

Click the link to see the full ceremony.

The St. John’s College Annapolis campus will hold their convocation ceremony on January 25th. The website will have more details once they are available. Be sure to join them and wish the new students well!

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