Congratulations Class of 2020!

By Scott Hannan

For more than 50 years the Graduate Institute, on both campuses, has celebrated the graduating students. In normal times in Santa Fe, this reception is held in person at Levan Hall. For the past few semesters, however, these receptions have been held online. With everyone living and attending class at a remove, students not in class with one another were excited to reconnect and, in some cases, connect for the first time. As is common for Johnnies, the conversation touched on books and reading every few minutes. The shared curriculum makes it an easy touchstone for conversation between students who haven’t met, and a great means of starting conversation, especially online when one large group can’t break off into smaller batches. Beyond that, the students discussed the success of the previous semester, plans for break, oddities of weather patterns, and expectations for future semesters.

Congratulations, to all our students who graduated last semester!

To those returning for the spring 2021 semester, we can’t wait to see you again at the end of the month!

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