Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Ned Walpin, Santa Fe’s Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

By Scott Hannan

On June 1st, tutor Ned Walpin began his term as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the St. John’s College Graduate Institute, Santa Fe. He replaces David McDonald, who served in the same position for the last four years.

Mr. Walpin has been with the college for 21 years. Starting in 2010, he began to participate in the faculty administrative positions of the college, first as the Assistant Dean, then the Interim Dean in 2014, the College-Wide Executive Director of Enrollment Management from 2016-2017, and now the Associate Dean for the Santa Fe Graduate Institute.

“I love the graduate programs, both the MALA and MAEC. I’ve taught in both. I love the students and I think the programs are excellent. I want to help the programs continue to flourish.”

During a normal year, the transition into the deanship of the Graduate Institute is difficult. During a worldwide pandemic, the troubles are multiplied. He’s currently working with departments across the College on the challenges of the upcoming fall semester, where many discussions are taking place so we can ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff – and, continue to provide a quality education experience. Beyond that, Mr. Walpin expects to confront several other issues facing the Graduate Institute.

“One of the issues we face is that it’s harder and harder for us to serve secondary school teachers due to their schedules. I want to work on that. There’s a sense that we must clarify for ourselves what the purposes of this program are and who are the people it best serves. I don’t want to leave anyone out!”

With challenges presented by COVID-19 both in the long as short term, among the other hurdles colleges across the world face, Mr. Walpin is excited to engage with the Graduate Institute.

“I’m looking forward to developing close relationships with the students and to help shepherd the programs into a position of greater visibility and vibrancy.”

Welcome to the St. John’s College Graduate Institute, Mr. Walpin!

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