Santa Fe Virtual Happy Hour

The Santa Fe Graduate Institute hosted its first official Happy Hour to open the summer semester. As this semester is online, so too was the introductory event.

At around 5pm on June 17th, the guests began to pop into the Zoom event. Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Ned Walpin greeted everyone and started up the conversation. Over the next hour and a half, new students, staff, and faculty popped in to say hello and converse.

The topics of conversation covered a great range from casual chatter about the various locations everyone was calling in from, to experiences in class so far into the semester, to personal histories and what paths everyone took to find themselves at the St. John’s College Graduate Institute.

The event was a simple and pleasant way to begin the semester. Over the past year or so, the Santa Fe Graduate Institute has experimented with different ways to introduce new students to the campus community. Although we feel the online happy hour was a success and will continue this throughout the summer, we also hope for the day we can once again safely be together in the same space.

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