St. John’s College: Fact or Fiction?

During my first semester here at SJC, I’ve heard some legends regarding the Annapolis campus. While I haven’t been able to confirm nor deny these fantastic tales, I thought I would share them with you so we can arrive at the truth together. The books we read can be very dense and challenging to grasp, so I thought we could take a break from Vico and Aristotle for a brief moment and has some fun!

  1. The underquad. This is the area, you guessed it, under the quad. To the naked eye, it appears to be solid earth. Still, I’ve heard from some undergraduates that they believe there is actually a secret passageway below the quad leading to a defunct speakeasy.
  2. The BBC rooftop pool. I’ve heard from a credible source that there is a pool on the roof of the BBC. Maybe once the weather gets warmer, I’ll embark on a fact-finding mission to find out the truth.
  3. Famed alumnus. SJC has some pretty famous alumni (Francis Scott Key, anyone?). However, this celebrity takes the cake for star-power. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to be an SJC graduate.
  4. National Treasure. It has been said that a shot or two of Nicolas Cage holding the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure was filmed on the college seal on the steps leading to the quad. Again, this begs the question of what is under those steps???
  5. Ghosts on ghosts on ghosts. Annapolis is old, very old, and so is our campus. Naturally, it’s haunted by many different ghosts. I will take it upon myself to go ghost hunting to find out the truth. Stay tuned!

I hope this list allowed you to take a break from your assigned reading. Again, these are just rumors, but between us, I hope they’re all true.

— See you around the table

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