New Year, New Semester, New Students


Let me start by saying Happy New Year to the entire St. John’s community and beyond! Secondly, welcome back to another fantastic semester! After a restful three weeks, I hope everyone is ready to get back to the conversation. And, lastly, for our new students starting this semester, let me be the first to welcome you into our Graduate Institute community!

This upcoming semester should be a great one. In the various segment offerings, our GI’s will be reading Machiavelli to Middlemarch, Plato to Plutarch, and Kant to Kierkegaard. Our preceptorials range from Spinoza’s Ethics to Musil’s The Man Without Qualities. We’ll continue the conversation during our After Seminar Gatherings while eating pizza and playing intense games of hangman–hangman played Johnnie style is truly something to behold, so get ready! Croquet, anyone? As always, our croquet team will go up against the Naval Academy’s Midshipman in the Annapolis Cup in April. BEAT NAVY!

Here’s to a great semester, everyone!

–See you around the table

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