Natsu no owari

The cicadas still shrill; the a/c still whirls; the sun still colors the sky for more than half the day. Summer is still here.

The title of this post (which translates from the Japanese as “summer’s end”) applies not to the season then, but to the semester on both the Annapolis and Santa Fe campuses, and especially to the twenty four students who graduated this past week.

In the Great Hall in Annapolis and on the placita in Santa Fe, families, faculty, and fellow classmates gathered to celebrate these twenty four at the setting of their St. John’s journey. After toasts from tutors, the graduates — coming from all across the country, as well as China and Bangladesh — accepted handshakes from the dean and received their diplomas. Masters, they were now, in Liberal Arts or in Eastern Classics. Applause, a round of “Sicut cervus,” and then the ceremonies were over.

While we wish these graduates joy in their new journeys, we hope they will return sometime to their alma mater, in due season.

Scribbled all over,

The summer fan might be rejected now,

But for its memories.

— Bashō, trans. Earl Miner

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