Pursuit Mastered

Three cheers for Nolan Reisen (AGI’19)!

The first, for a successful Master’s Essay Oral Examination on his essay entitled “Moderation in Plato’s Charmides“!

The second, for earning his Master of Arts in Liberal Arts!

The third, for being accepted into Baylor University’s PhD program in Political Science!

A big smile after his Master’s Essay Oral!

Nine months ago, Mr. Reisen was profiled about his upcoming Master’s Essay. He planned to delve into Plato’s Charmides, specifically on the nature of moderation. If both the essay and the Oral Examination of the essay went well, then he would earn the credits needed for a Master’s degree. At the same time he was attending class and writing this paper, he was applying to top PhD programs across the country, looking to further study political philosophy. That profile finished with Mr. Reisen asking us to “wish him luck!”

Something tells us our well-wishes weren’t needed.

Congratulations, Mr. Reisen, and here’s another unnecessary wish that you’ll enjoy further Platonic studies at Baylor!

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