How to Teach Liberal Arts

This summer marks the debut of the Liberal Arts Education Certificate program on the Annapolis campus! Primarily geared toward teachers of all kinds, the certificate is earned after a student completes 18 credits across two summer semesters. The classes available to these students are for the most part identical to classes taken by MALA students — I say “for the most part” because this summer also marks the debut of the one exception: the Education and Pedagogy preceptorial.

Mr. Daniel Harrell will lead the inaugural class through readings discussing what it means to teach, what it means to learn, and what is the best (or only?) form of education. Plato and Aristotle begin the journey, with Augustine rounding out the ancient authors; Montaigne, Kant, Nietzsche, and Booker T. Washington follow before a whole slew of twentieth century thinkers appear: DuBois, Dewey, Weil, Whitehead, Arendt, and more.


Throughout the semester, each student will practice co-leading the discussion, either with Mr. Harrell himself or with another student, and will receive feedback on their leadership.

The program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and qualifying educators can receive scholarships covering the full cost of tuition! Those interested can find more information and start their application here.


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