Legere, Lectus, Lectura

What do Aristotle and As You Like It have in common?

Probably many things, but to keep this post to a tolerable length, I’ll say one of their commonalities is that each kicked off the Summer Lecture Series in Santa Fe and Annapolis!


Just like the Formal Lecture Series during the fall and spring semesters, speakers are invited to expound for an hour or two on a topic that touches on the St. John’s program in some way. In other words, as long as it touches on the human soul, it’s fair game. This leads, of course, to a wide-ranging, ever-interesting potpourri of lectures which are free and open to everyone in the community. These summer lectures also have the customary question-and-answer seminar (we can’t get enough) which follows the peroration.

The major difference from the Formal Lecture Series, then, is that the Summer Lecture Series allows tutors or even “graduates of the college who are pursuing academic careers to present the first fruits of their thinking” to all students, faculty or staff members, parents, alumni, or community members who happen to attend! This summer multiple lectures, on both campuses, will be given by alumni.

After the lecture on Aristotle’s Rhetoric, the Santa Fe community has the following lectures to look forward to:


  • “The Weirdness of Classical Thermodynamics”
  • “Simone Weil on Having an Inner Life”
  • Middlemarch
  • “Alexis de Tocqueville on American Liberty: Ancient or Modern?”
  • “What Kind of Political Community Does the U.S. Constitution Form?”

On the Annapolis side, succeeding the lecture on As You Like It will be three more lectures:

  • “How to Elect a President, How to Remove One from Office”
  • “Euclid as Teacher”
  • “Eros Further East: The Spirit of Love in Nizami’s Layla and Majnun”

For more information on the speakers and the times of these lectures, click on Santa Fe or Annapolis.


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