Summer Symposium in Santa Fe

The 13th Annual West Coast Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) Symposium was hosted by the St. John’s Graduate Institute in Santa Fe on June 7–9. St. John’s students and alumni, from both the Liberal Arts and Eastern Classics Programs, presented papers and participated in academic exchange with a larger community of graduate students and faculty in the liberal arts.

The symposium consists of eight member institutions, generally located on the West Coast: St. John’s, Dominican University of California, Mount St. Mary’s University, Reed College, San Diego State University, Simon Fraser University, Stanford University, and University of Washington, Tacoma. Each institution has a liberal arts program offering a broad, interdisciplinary education at the graduate level. For more information on past and upcoming symposia, please visit this webpage.

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Select students were asked to deliver a twenty minute presentation on a topic of their choice before opening up the floor to questions. At least one representative from each institution gave a presentation; St. John’s, as might be expected from hosting the event, had twenty students, former and current, discuss papers which ranged in subject from “Unity in Plato’s Philebus” to “Time, History, and the Diaphanous Mystery of the Self in Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘The Garden of the Forking Paths'” to “Exploring the Return from War Through Poetry.” A complete list of presenters and topics can be found here.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend blessed with good weather and even better conversation. Here’s to many more such spirited parties!

Opening Reception - GLS 2019-26

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