A Second Home

Where it’s safe to question. Where you find the company you want to keep. Where you always have a place at the table.

President Roosevelt toasted the graduating graduate students with the idea that St. John’s has become his own second home, a sanctuary he’s lucky enough to come back to every day. Lifting his drink, he wished for St. John’s to be for them as it is for him, no matter whether they’re on campus or not.

Because, when we get right down to it, St. John’s certainly delineates more than two swaths of ground on the eastern and western sides of the United States. St. John’s is the commitment to civil discussion and passionate inquiry concerning profoundly human topics. The true campus spans the length and width and depth of wherever our mind and soul can take us. For a Johnnie, life has become a permanent seminar, one in which he or she can reside for a lifetime.

But all that sentiment aside — we do want you to revisit us here on the physical campus and to tell us how you’ve kept up your studies, your discussions, your questions wherever your travels have taken you!

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