Wouldn’t You Know It?

Jordana Rozenman (AGI’20): counselor, student, poet…

Behind the Patches

A mug that gets lost

At school maybe, at work

It was black and had in different colors

The titles of banned books on it

You got it at the Strand

In New York City

Where you also saw cupcake shops

Streaming sun and people hot black streets and

Dancing in front of the fountains’ spray

On the hot pavement

And you’re looking around for it and

It’s definitely not back there

On the shelf in the cupboard

Where it’s supposed to be

That mug where did it get to because now

You’ll have to send an all-school email and

Some people will try to make everyone laugh

With their response and some people

Will complain to their office-mates I love

That things get lost


When you were a child

Everything was a signifier

Of the endless infinity of life’s

Secrets and winking meaning

For more poetry and artwork from Ms. Rozenman and other graduate Johnnies, check out the latest print issue of Colloquy


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