“Welcome to the Conversation”

New year means new students, new authors, new conversations!

This spring semester in Annapolis means one of two pairs: Philosophy & Theology or Politics & Society. New and returning students will discuss the boundaries of faith and reason, if in the former segment, or, if in the latter, where societal duty and individual freedom intersect. Or might students be expected to talk of each in both?


Dean Langston, in her speech at Convocation, spoke on how the “joy of recognition” can be felt in any segment, by any participant, regardless of prior experience. “One of the defining characteristics of Great Books,” she said, “is that they ask the right questions, and by doing so engage us on many levels. ”

[A “segment,” by the way, is what we call the seminar and tutorial readings bundled under one genre of the Masters in Liberal Arts Program. There are five: History, Literature, Mathematics & Natural Science, and the two listed above. Only four segments are needed to graduate, plus four preceptorials (find out more about them here); a total of twelve classes, for three credits each, earns you 36 credits in total. See the reading lists for the seminars and tutorials here.]

This new year, we here at St. John’s have resolved to delve deep into the engaging and joyous mysteries of rationality, faith, and community. What will 2019 look like for you?





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