Proof That God Loves Us

Thanks to the generosity of a few, there were many toasts to be heard in the Boathouse of the Annapolis campus last Wednesday. If you missed it, and I can only hope you had some more pleasant event which prevented you, the Graduate Institute held its first ever (and may it not be only!) Wine Tasting.

DSC02115Guests were treated to six different vintages, all harvested from Grecian vineyards, and magnanimously supplied by President Kanelos himself! Credit must also be given to the current students who not only suggested the symposium but catered the event — and even served the attendees! One of our very own Johnnies doubles as a sommelier; for the occasion, she kindly topped off our glasses while detailing the geography, body, and history of each bottle. What’s more, she learned us how the ancients typically imbibed — one part wine, two parts water — and when they called it quits: after the third drink, “wise guests go home.”

DSC02151I can’t promise we all followed the ancient adage, but surely we fared better than our ancestors who stayed for a tenth serving. For if Eubolos and Dionysus are correct, what belongs to them is “madness and hurling of furniture!”

Here’s to evermore spirited conversation and those that furnish us withal!


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Photographs courtesy of Tbel Abuseridze

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