“Willingness to Engage”

A year after publishing his critically-praised memoir, Simba Sana, AGI’13, is touring the country, speaking to students and prisoners and his many readers, spreading his story of perseverance that any who listen might likewise Never Stop discovering themselves and what binds us together.

As reported by Kimberly Uslin, Sana says: “What I would like to do is give to young people what I did not receive when I was their age. I can take the lessons I learned in my thirties and forties and impart that to people who may be half my age in a way that can help society and advance humanity, to point people in the direction of love.”

And how did attending St. John’s further Sana’s purpose?

“I don’t think I would have finished the book if it weren’t for St. John’s. It is bar-none the best place that I’ve been to [for] formal education, for training in reading and writing and conversation.”

Read the full article here, and keep track of Sana’s upcoming bookings here.


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