Meeting the Masters

And they’re off!

Please help me in welcoming (by way of kind thoughts and well-wishes) 46 new masters-in-training, some venturing all the way from China or Bangladesh, from England or New Zealand, even Texas — all in pursuit of discussing the answers and questions of Great Masters. Santa Fe gains 12 new candidates for the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts (MALA) and 16 for the Master of Arts in Eastern Classics (MAEC); Annapolis adds 16 to their ranks of MALA students.

Those pursuing their MALA in Santa Fe are taking either their Philosophy/Theology or their Politics/Society segment, where Aristotle, Augustine, and Kierkegaard probe the soul in connection with the divine, where Plato, Hobbes, and De Tocqueville examine souls in contact with each other. Meanwhile, half the Annapolis MALA students are starting their Literature segment with Homer and preparing for Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Shakespeare, all poets whose mastery of language and drama seems to anticipate the very action of our own lives. Both campuses have portions of candidates looking into the nature of nature itself, guided and challenged in the Mathematics/Natural Science segment by Euclid, Lucretius, Galileo, Darwin, and Freud.


As for the MAEC initiates, you must look East to find their authors: in three consecutive semesters they’ll pass from Confucius to Kālidāsa to Bashō, learning Classical Chinese or Sanskrit along the way, and discovering whether or not geography is the only difference between Western and Eastern minds.

Have a wonderful year, all! May it be filled with pleasant and deep conversations, and perhaps, if you’re lucky, even (multiple?) conversions!




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